Have you ever seen anything as beautiful as these unabridged one of a kind edition of the Holy Bible on antiquarian paper with beautiful centerpiece illustrations in gentle pastel oils?

Well neither did I until I conducted my supervised ministry at Christ Church in Montclair, NJ under the leadership of Dr. David Ireland. At Christ Church, I couldn’t help but to notice these beautiful biblical prints that adorned their foyer and office walls. I literally stopped in my tracks to absorb the beauty and the magnitude of the scriptural prints.

Since that day, I knew I had to have one and share with others. Thus, I have every print hanging throughout my home and office. Additionally, I have also managed to purchase a few for pastors, seminary professors, and wedding gifts for friends.

I have also been blessed to become a distributor and look forward to serving you!

Please peruse our website or feel free to call us to place your order today!

Rev. Caffie